• Do you have tours on rainy day?

    We do have tours in the rain.

    However, if our staff determined to be dangerous or difficult due to thunderstorms and heavy rain, there is a case to be called off.

    We will contact all the customers by phone when we decide to call off.

  • How many minutes must I go before the time I reserved?

    Each time is the start time, so please arrive at the place about 15 minutes before arrival.

  • What happens when I am late for my scheduled time?

    You can not get on time you booked. If there is vacancy, it can be changed at the next hour. You will not be able to ride even if you are coming all the way with no vacancies, so please come with time in mind.

  • When should I pay the fee?

    On the day, we will be charged together at the reception.

    Credit cards can not be used. Please pay in cash. I’m sorry.

    Also, there is no reservation fee or advance payment.

  • What can we wear?

    Please come in clothes easy to move.

    In addition, sometines the iron rust splash, we recommend to wear clothes can get dirty.

  • Need a helmet?

    For safety, be sure to wear it. We will lend you on site on the day (free). It is OK even if you bring my helmet.

  • Is there a coin locker?

    [Town course]

    There is a key locker. However, since the number is small, please share as much as possible. We will keep a big carry case with a reception desk.

    [Canyon Course]

    There is no locker. Large carry cases etc will be kept at reception hut.

  • I have drunk alcohol. Can I pedaling a bicycle?

    Customers who drink alcohol or alcoholic beverages will not raise bicycles for safety. Please sit down in the auxiliary seat. In addition, for customers who are considered to be drunk, staff may check you.

  • I am confident in my physical strength. May I switch off the electric assist switch while pedaling?

    It is prohibited as it may cause failure.

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