Town course Access


Look at Town course Google Map

Phone number for car navigation input(Please do not call)
「Cafe ASUNARO」:Just next door of Town course meeting point

Free Parking 40 cars , need not reserve

Canyon course Access


Look at Canyon course Google Map

Phone number for car navigation input(Please do not call)

[Syouganji-Temple]:Destination nearby

The actual place(漆山駅) is a place just around the red bridge, after turning down Route 41.

Free Parking 16 cars , need not reserve

  • If the car navigation system is a product before 2007, please also try the old city code “2” or “5” instead of the current city code “82” and “85”.
  • The above is the telephone number of the nearest coffee shop and temple. Please be careful not to call you by mistake.

Time required for coming by car

Tokyo Chuo/Nagano Expwy Matsumoto IC R158 Hirayu R471 Town course/

Canyon course

3H 2H Town course:1H

Canyon course:80mins

Nagoya Tokai Hokuriku Expwy Matsumoto IC Unohana Road Furukawa R41
2,5H 30mins Town course:40mins

Canyon course:1H

Osaka Meishin Expwy Nagoya Tokai Hokuriku Expwy, etc..
2H 3,5H
Toyama R41
Town course:From Hokuriku Expwy Toyama IC 1H・From Toyama Sta. 80mins

Canyon course:From Hokuriku Expwy Toyama IC 50mins・From Toyama Sta. 70mins

  • Both courses around the venue are inconvenient for public transportation, so we recommend you to come by car.
  • If you are using public transportation, please use the convenient route bus pack tour from JR Takayama station. (Nohi-bus official website · tour sale is from April)
  • The above required time is only a guide. We do not take into consideration traffic jam etc, so please leave with time to meet the meeting time.
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