• Can expectant mothers join the tour? Can baby and little kids join the tour ?

    Please use the truck or bench seat, and viewing sheet for children under 140 cm. Expectant mothers can not join the tour.

  • Do you have any hotels around?

    There are some Ryokan in the town, please check the website of hida city.

  • Is there a place to eat lunch?

    There are shops where you can dine in the Kamioka Town. It is about 5-10 minutes by car from the Town course, and about 15-20 minutes by car from the Canyon course.

    Since there is an introduction page of eating and drinking establishment on this homepage, please see there. Also, on the day, we have handed out one coupon for use in restaurants and souvenir shops at reception.

    Introduction page of coupon sponsorship shop in Kamioka-town

  • Do I need to make a reservation?

    If you are saying “I want to ride a desired bicycle securely at the desired date and time!”, I strongly recommend you to make a reservation (it is a prior reservation priority system). Especially, busy seasons such as Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, GW, Obon(middle of Aug), etc. are mostly cases where you can not ride without reservation.Do I need to make a reservation?

  • Do you have tours on rainy day?

    We do have tours in the rain.

    However, if our staff determined to be dangerous or difficult due to thunderstorms and heavy rain, there is a case to be called off.

    We will contact all the customers by phone when we decide to call off.

  • Is there any restaurants nearby?

    There are Yakiniku restaurants and ramen restaurant.

    Please ask the staff for more information.

  • I would like to make advance reservation, what should I do?

    We accept online reservation and reservation by e-mail.

    Online reservation … There is a “reserve” button on down side the page of the introduction of the both course.  Please check notes etc carefully, please be sure to read the mail of reservation completion as well.

    Reservation by e-mail … Please e-mail the secretariat (info@rail-mtb.com). In that case, please input in as simple English as possible. Reply may be delayed. Please note.I am so sorry!!

  • Can I go to Rail-mtb by bus or train?

    A local bus company “Nohi-bus” sells a convenient set plan.

    This plan is a great plan with a , a round trip bus and a taxi (Town courses only) and Rail-mtb fee are all set. Also, all the bus hours and so on are also organized in advance, so you can relocate safely as well. For details, please visit from the link “Nohi-bus“. (Sales start from April every year)

    For inquiries about the set plan, click here.

    · Nohi-bus

    Also, as there are sales offices for rental cars in front of Takayama station and in front of Toyama station, please consider that as well.

  • Is there a place to stay in the neighborhood?

    There is only a business inn in Kamioka town. If you say “I do not need a hot spring, I want to stay at a place about 10 minutes by car”

    … Please see from the link below.

    Hida City Tourist Information Website “飛騨の旅” (Kamioka-Town Area)

  • Is it easier to understand the way to go there?

    Because it is difficult to understand, please use the car navigation system. Also, the meeting place is different depending on the course.

    For details, please see “Access”.

  • Can I ride Rail-mtb,even if I am pregnant?

    If you are pregnant, you can not ride bikes and auxiliary seats.

    During riding, the unique vibration lasts for a long period of time, and because there is no clinic at the Obstetrics and Gynecology department in the vicinity, in case of emergency, it can be a serious accident irrevocable. We apologize, but please understand.

  • Can I make an online reservation even on the day?

    It is possible until 2 hours before start time.

  • What is the time required for private cars from each region / sightseeing spot?

    【Town course】* Normal time, break time is not included.

    ・Takayama…about 70 mins

    ・Okuhida-Onsengo…about 60 mins

    ・Nagoya…about 3 hours 30 mins

    ・Shirakawago…about 2 hours ※ Please use Tokai Hokuriku Road, please come through Takayama.

    ・Toyama…around Toyama IC 60 mins、around Toyama Sta. about 80 mins

    ・Hida-Furukawa…about 40 mins

    ・Osaka…5 hours

    ・Tokyo…5 hours 30 mins


    【Canyon course】* Normal time, break time is not included.

    ・Takayama…about 90 mins

    ・Okuhida-Onsengo…about 80 mins

    ・Nagoya…about 4 hours

    ・Shirakawago…about 2 hours 30 mins ※ Please use Tokai Hokuriku Road, please come through Takayama.

    ・Toyama…around Toyama IC 50 mins、around Toyama Sta. about 80 mins

    ・Hida-Furukawa…about 60 mins

    ・Osaka…5 hours

    ・Tokyo…5 hours 30 mins

  • Is there a regular holiday?

    Every Wednesday will be a regular holiday. The phone and mail can not connect. For business days please visit the sales calendar.

  • How many minutes must I go before the time I reserved?

    Each time is the start time, so please arrive at the place about 15 minutes before arrival.

  • What happens when I am late for my scheduled time?

    You can not get on time you booked. If there is vacancy, it can be changed at the next hour. You will not be able to ride even if you are coming all the way with no vacancies, so please come with time in mind.

  • Can I get off the bicycle and walk around on the way?

    Getting off at the course, stopping the bike is prohibited.

  • Can I join the tour without booking?

    Only if the seat is available, you can ride even if there is no advance reservation.

    However, I recommend a reservation if you would like to ride surely.

  • What is the distance between the bikes?

    Please keep distance of 20 m or more from the previous bike to prevent collision while driving.

  • If I go to the site, can I ride instantly?

    You can ride if the bike is available. However, since the departure time is fixed, we may wait depending on the arrival time. Also, busy seasons such as Saturdays-and-Sundays , GW, Obon (middle of Aug), etc. are booked in advance reservations and often can not get on (pre-ordered reservation priority system).

  • Please tell me the detailed address and the fixed phone number for entering to the car navigation system.

    I’m sorry. Since this is already a station which has become a waste line, the address has been deleted. For input of car navigation please see “Access” on this website.

    Search on Google Maps

    [Town Course] Link to map

    [Canyon Course] Link to map

  • When I leave, how do I come back??

    It is a round trip course that comes back by coming on the same bike. You can not get on with only one way.

    At the turning point, our staff changes the direction of the bike.

  • Can I take any bikes or seats?

    There is a limited number of each bikes. We recommend booking early.

  • Is there a petrol station nearby?

    [Town course]

    It’s about 5 minutes by car.

    [Canyon Course]

    It is not in the immediate vicinity.

  • When should I pay the fee?

    On the day, we will be charged together at the reception.

    Credit cards can not be used. Please pay in cash. I’m sorry.

    Also, there is no reservation fee or advance payment.

  • Can I pedaling Rail-mtb even if it is over 70 years old?

    It is okay if you have confidence in cycling. All bicycles are equipped with electric assist, so please take it easy. However, we do not recommend it for those who do not feel comfortable at all.

  • What can we wear?

    Please come in clothes easy to move.

    In addition, sometines the iron rust splash, we recommend to wear clothes can get dirty.

  • Is there a dark place in the course?

    Both courses have dark tunnels. There is no light in the tunnel. There is only a light of degree of lightening on the handle of the bicycle.

  • Are there any deposits and prepayments?

    Payment should be made at the local reception desk on the day.

  • Is there a high place in the course?

    There are three bridges in the Canyon course, and I will run high. If you are afraid of heights, please take a ride in the Town course.

  • What is the specialty food in Kamioka Town?

    It is a miso grill of a cow’s internal organs.
    We say “Tonchan”.
    There are several shops in the town where you can eat.

    Kamioka Town preferential coupon sponsorship list page

  • Can only kids pedaling Rail-mtb?

    To pedaling a Rail-mtb, kids need a height of 140 cm or more. When elementary school students pedaling a Rail-mtb, please make pair with adults without fail.

  • How many seats does a truck have? Can I take a truck only for my party?

    The capacity of a truck is 6 persons. There is a case to share a truck with other guests sometimes.

  • Need a helmet?

    For safety, be sure to wear it. We will lend you on site on the day (free). It is OK even if you bring my helmet.

  • I have lost my cancellation authentication key.

    We will make a cancellation procedure at the secretariat. Please mail us.


  • When is the cherry blossom viewing?

    It is around April 20 every year.

  • When is the best time to see autumn leaves?

    Both courses are from the end of October to the beginning of November in the usual year.

  • How far is the Town course and Canyon course?

    It is about 20 minutes by car.

  • Can I hug my baby, ride my bicycle and come on?

    You can not pedaling while hang  and piggyback your baby. If the baby is 1-3 year old, you can get using a child seat in Town course. If your kids is 0 year old, please contact us by e-mail.

  • Can I change my type of bikes on the day?

    It is possible if there is vacancy  of bikes.

    But if no vacancy,you can not change. Please make a definite reservation after consulting with people in your group.

  • Can I change the course on that day?

    It is possible if there is vacancy. However, cancellation fee will be charged (50%) if the original reservation is canceled (if you do not get on the course you originally booked).

  • I do not know what time to arrive. Can I make a reservation?

    It is reservation including time. Please make a reservation after deciding your schedule to a certain extent.

  • Is there a coin locker?

    [Town course]

    There is a key locker. However, since the number is small, please share as much as possible. We will keep a big carry case with a reception desk.

    [Canyon Course]

    There is no locker. Large carry cases etc will be kept at reception hut.

  • Is there a basket in the bicycle?

    The basket is not attached to the basket. Backpack is recommended.

  • The height of a child is about 140 ㎝. Can that kids pedaling a bicycle?

    We will check the height at the site on that day,and we will judge. Also, if you straddle the bicycle in practice and decide that the staff is not safe, you may refuse to ride.

  • I have drunk alcohol. Can I pedaling a bicycle?

    Customers who drink alcohol or alcoholic beverages will not raise bicycles for safety. Please sit down in the auxiliary seat. In addition, for customers who are considered to be drunk, staff may check you.

  • Are there any weight restrictions?

    Bicycles and auxiliary seats are not for now.

    However, if obviously weighing more than the category of common sense is within the group, please consult with us in advance by e-mail.

  • You can not make reservations for multiple bikes with a net reservation.

    If the bike type is different, reservations can not be made at the same time. Please reserve for each type of bike.

    Example: 2units X Hybrid bike → select the number of groups on the reservation screen

    1units X Hybrid bike and 1units x viewing seat sets → Book each separately

  • I am confident in my physical strength. May I switch off the electric assist switch while pedaling?

    It is prohibited as it may cause failure.

  • Can I make a net reservation without an e-mail address?

    I’m sorry, please do not do. Please make a reservation by telephone.

  • A reservation completion mail does not come.

    Please confirm the reception setting of the mail address registered at the time of reservation.

  • Who can we ask any other quesitons to?

    We accept questions by e-mail.

    Please click here for details.

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