• Can I join the tour without booking?

    Only if the seat is available, you can ride even if there is no advance reservation.

    However, I recommend a reservation if you would like to ride surely.

  • Can I take any bikes or seats?

    There is a limited number of each bikes. We recommend booking early.

  • How many seats does a truck have? Can I take a truck only for my party?

    The capacity of a truck is 6 persons. There is a case to share a truck with other guests sometimes.

  • Can expectant mothers join the tour? Can baby and little kids join the tour ?

    Please use the truck or bench seat, and viewing sheet for children under 140 cm. Expectant mothers can not join the tour.

  • Do you have tours on rainy day?

    We do have tours in the rain.

    However, if our staff determined to be dangerous or difficult due to thunderstorms and heavy rain, there is a case to be called off.

    We will contact all the customers by phone when we decide to call off.

  • What can we wear?

    Please come in clothes easy to move.

    In addition, sometines the iron rust splash, we recommend to wear clothes can get dirty.

  • Do you have any hotels around?

    There are some Ryokan in the town, please check the website of hida city.

  • Is there any restaurants nearby?

    There are Yakiniku restaurants and ramen restaurant.

    Please ask the staff for more information.

  • Who can we ask any other quesitons to?

    We accept questions by e-mail.

    Please click here for details.

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