• Can expectant mothers join the tour? Can baby and little kids join the tour ?

    Please use the truck or bench seat, and viewing sheet for children under 140 cm. Expectant mothers can not join the tour.

  • Can I get off the bicycle and walk around on the way?

    Getting off at the course, stopping the bike is prohibited.

  • When I leave, how do I come back??

    It is a round trip course that comes back by coming on the same bike. You can not get on with only one way.

    At the turning point, our staff changes the direction of the bike.

  • Can I pedaling Rail-mtb even if it is over 70 years old?

    It is okay if you have confidence in cycling. All bicycles are equipped with electric assist, so please take it easy. However, we do not recommend it for those who do not feel comfortable at all.

  • Is there a dark place in the course?

    Both courses have dark tunnels. There is no light in the tunnel. There is only a light of degree of lightening on the handle of the bicycle.

  • Is there a high place in the course?

    There are three bridges in the Canyon course, and I will run high. If you are afraid of heights, please take a ride in the Town course.

  • How many seats does a truck have? Can I take a truck only for my party?

    The capacity of a truck is 6 persons. There is a case to share a truck with other guests sometimes.

  • Is there a basket in the bicycle?

    The basket is not attached to the basket. Backpack is recommended.

  • The height of a child is about 140 ㎝. Can that kids pedaling a bicycle?

    We will check the height at the site on that day,and we will judge. Also, if you straddle the bicycle in practice and decide that the staff is not safe, you may refuse to ride.

  • Are there any weight restrictions?

    Bicycles and auxiliary seats are not for now.

    However, if obviously weighing more than the category of common sense is within the group, please consult with us in advance by e-mail.

  • I am confident in my physical strength. May I switch off the electric assist switch while pedaling?

    It is prohibited as it may cause failure.

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