Online reserve How to booking?

  1. Move to reserve page

    Please read the course introduction page carefully and decide the course and bikes that suits you.

    There is a reservation button at the bottom of the page.

    ※ If anything, the PC is easier to see.

    ※It may be impossible to load as access is concentrated. Please acknowledge it beforehand and please try again after a while.

  2. Enter booking content

    • Select a course (Town / Canyon)
    • Select the type of bikes you want
    • Select the number of bikes
    • Select date and time from calendar
    • (some bike only) Select option
    • Confirm notes
    • Enter your information

    Your reservation is complete!

    If you are planning to book a different type of bikes for each bike, please make a reservation repeatedly for each type.

  3. Confirm completion email

    Please check the reservation details

    A license key necessary for cancellation is issued in the completion mail. So please keep this mail until the day.

    Also, the meeting places of both courses are different. Since there is guidance in completion mail, please check in advance.

  4. Preparation for the day

    Please come to the local reception at least 15 minutes before the appointed time on the day.

Go to Town course reserve page(Start online reservation from February 22nd)

E-mail reserve How to mail?

  1. Decide booking details

    • Name of Representative
    • E-mail address
    • The course(Town or Canyon)
    • The date and start time
    • The number of people
    • Your request about bike and seat
    • Any other requests and notes

    Please write the aboves in your mail.

  2. Send booking email

    Please send e-mail to

    Rail-MTB Office

    *Sometimes our mail is blocked by security of a mail server, please check your computer settings about mail beforehand.

  3. Adjust the details

    We adjust your booking due to our booking conditions by e-mail.

    After we confirm your booking,

  4. Sign a Consent Doc

    Please click here to download the application document.

    Please fill out your name and address and sign. Please bring the document with you on the day.

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