The Place

former Okuhida Onsenguchi Sta.
1327-2 Azumo Kamioka-cho, Hida, Gifu
Since the station doesn't have a phone, your car navigation may not find the station.

Phone number for the search by the car navigation system

Input the phone number of a café at the next door.

Cafe Asunaro
  • In the case of car navigation systems before 2007, please try Old city code 2 instead of 82 city code current.
  • Please do not call the café when you lost.

Travel by car

Tokyo Chuo/Nagano Expwy Matsumoto IC R158 Hirayu R471 Okuhida Onsenguchi Sta.
3H 2H 1H
Nagoya Tokai Hokuriku Expwy Kiyomi IC Unohana Road Furukawa R41
2.5H 0.5H 0.5H
Osaka Meishin Expwy Nagoya Tokai Hokuriku Expwy, etc..
2H 3.5H
Toyama R41
  • For convenience of public transport is low, we recommend you come by car.
  • The time required is an estimate only. The required time will be changed depends on the traffic conditions, please take enough time to arrive there on time.
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